June 9, 2023
Merchants upload their products and its data in the various affiliate networks. The affiliate networks then interpret the data to organize and structure the information in a way that is easy to understand. This is known as data normalization. Datafeedr interprets all the data from the affiliate networks and allows affiliates to seamlessly post these products on their websites. 

Why is Data Normalization important? 

Data Normalization ensures that all product information is consistent and accurate. Let's say three different merchants are uploading a pair of headphones to an affiliate network. One merchant may list the category as "Electronics." Another merchant may list the category as "Electronics & Gadgets." A different merchant may list the category as "Audio." As a result, if a user tries to search for a pair of headphones, it will be difficult to find as the product (headphones) are split up across multiple categories. Affiliate networks solve for this issue by using Data normalization and having predetermined categories that merchants must select. For instance, merchants must select Electronics & Gadgets > Audio Equipment > Headphones, instead of creating their own, individual category. This leads to merchants uploading similar products into categories that are easily identifiable. Now, the data is normalized and a person searching for headphones will easily be able to find that product. Without Data Normalization, product data would be inconsistent, inaccurate and hard to find.  

Data Normalization on Datafeedr

The affiliate networks each have their own format for normalizing data. However, affiliates likely work with more than one affiliate network. This can result in inconsistency, missing information, and inaccurate data as affiliates import the product data from various affiliate networks. Luckily, Datafeedr solves this problem for you! Datafeedr automatically collects all the product data from the affiliate network and normalizes it. It is important to note that  Datafeedr does not modify or change the product data that is provided by the merchants in the various affiliate networks. Datafeedr simply interprets and normalizes the data. 

Normalize Brand Names on Datafeedr  

Occasionally, a product will have different brand names. This means that the same brand will be listed using variations. For example, “Black Diamond” and “Black Diamond Equipment.”  If this occurs, simply follow the instructions here and learn how to reduce brand name variations to only one version.