A little about ourselves.

We created Datafeedr to make data feed affiliate marketing easy.


We were creating affiliate stores by writing datafeed-specific scripts to importing specific merchant data feeds into WordPress. The process was laborious, time-consuming and error-prone.


After building a handful of WordPress websites this way, we realized the end result was very valuable however the method of getting there was less than ideal. That’s when we decided to create an app where we could easily import product data feeds from any merchant and search those products to select which products should be imported into our site.


In April Datafeedr launched its first product and we immediately got traction with affiliate marketers out there looking for a simple solution to handle the importing and updating of affiliate products in a WordPress site.


After a full year of adding more and more products to our database, we realized we needed help optimizing our database and creating a full-blown search engine to serve our customers’ growing needs. So we brought on a great developer from Germany. We also launched the Factory (which has since been sunset).


To keep up with the ever changing web and its demands, we released our API. The API gives developers the ability to integrate affiliate data into whatever app or site they desire.


We also integrated the API with the WooCommerce platform, the most popular ecommerce software on the web, to provide the most powerful affiliate store building solution out there.


By popular demand, we released our price comparison plugin which seamlessly integrates with a user’s WooCommerce store and could be embedded in blog posts and pages via shortcodes.


Over the years we have continued to build our platform supporting more and more affiliate networks, retailers and products. To date our system supports: