The Best WordPress Affiliate Shop Plugins for WooCommerce

We made it easy to import products from affiliate data feeds into your WooCommerce shop and quickly build your own WordPress affiliate store.

WordPress plus WooCommerce Integration

Import Affiliate Products Directly into your WooCommerce Store

Datafeedr was built from the ground up for WordPress. Take advantage of thousands of free plugins and themes to apply best practice SEO to your store, optimize for all browsers and devices and create a great looking online affiliate store all through a push button interface.

Datafeedr Product Search Form Fields

Perform Cross Network & Merchant Searches to Find the Exact Products You Want to Promote

Import affiliate product feed data directly into your WooCommerce store and let the Datafeedr plugins automatically keep your products up-to-date. Import affiliate products from multiple affiliate networks and online retailers into a single, coherent store that your website visitors will want to buy from! 

Datafeedr Price Comparison Set

Increase Conversions by Displaying Price Comparison Sets on Product Pages

Display price comparison sets for each product in your store. Convert more visitors into buyers! The Comparison Sets plugin automatically integrates with WooCommerce so your price comparison sets will appear directly on your WooCommerce product pages.

Bruce Sturgell Chubstr

This saves me tons of time

Datafeedr allows me to automate the process of adding and updating the Chubstr affiliate shop. This saves me tons of time and allows me to work with a wider variety of relevant merchants. Definitely recommended!

Bas Laarberg

Using Datafeedr since 2012

We are using Datafeedr since 2012 for our affiliate sites, most of them are travel sites and the travel packages are loaded with Datafeedr. This way we can actualize our travel packages 2 - 3 times a week very easy. To refresh 20.000 - 30.000 travel packages just takes around 10 minutes without high server loads. Very happy with this solution! Stefan and Eric did a great job!


What​​​​​ does Datafeedr do?

Everyday we download affiliate product data feeds from thousands of online retailers, put all of those products into a database and make those products searchable.

Our WordPress plugin lets you connect to that database and makes it easy for you to find and import products into your WooCommerce store.

Why is Datafeedr better?

A lot of services charge you to connect to free product APIs and then expose a single "keyword" search box. This simply isn't robust enough for niche affiliate marketing.

Our advanced search form lets you search a database of 600+ million products across 16,000+ retailers and filter those results by over 15 different product fields to find and import the exact products your website visitors want to buy.

How does Datafeedr work?

Once you have the Datafeedr and WooCommerce plugins installed on your WordPress website, the first step is to select the retailers you want to promote on your website. For example, if you have a website related to winter camping, you would select retailers that sell winter camping equipment.

The next step is to create your store's categories. For a winter camping store, you might create "Winter Tents" and "Winter Sleeping Bags".

The last step is to search for products for each category and then save your searches. Saving your searches allows you to bulk import multiple products in a single click from your carefully crafted product search.

Why is Datafeedr awesome?

After your store is set-up, the Datafeedr plugin does all the hard work including...

- Adding new products to your store which match your previously saved searches. You never have to worry about retailers adding new products and not having those products on your site.

- Updating all existing products in your shop with new prices, descriptions and most importantly affiliate links. Affiliate links change all of the time so it's important to keep those up-to-date.

- Deleting products no longer available from the retailer. This is critical for keeping your site relevant and useful to your website visitors.


30+ Affiliate Networks

Select products from online retailers from over 30 of the world's most popular affiliate networks like Rakuten, Webgains, AWIN, Flipkart & many more!

16,000+ Retailers

Always find the exact products you want to promote in your online store by selecting products from over 16,000 internationally recognized retailers and boutique shops.

600+ Million Products

We have over 600 million affiliate products for you to choose from. Easily find the exact products you want to promote and import them directly into your WooCommerce store.

20+ Countries

Import products from the US, UK, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries.

Price Comparison Sets

Convert your website visitors into buyers by displaying price comparison sets on your product pages. Or embed price comparison set shortcodes in your blog posts and article pages.

WordPress Integration

Build your store on top of the most popular CMS software on the web. Take advantage of 1000s of plugins and themes to easily customize the look & functionality of your online store.

Powerful Product Search

Search across multiple affiliate networks and retailers simultaneously to find the products your visitors want to buy. Filter your searches by keywords, price, sale status and much more.

No Coding Required

You don't have to touch any code or write importer scripts. With Datafeedr, you can quickly build your store from inside your WordPress Admin Area.

No Datafeeds

Never download, parse, process or import large, unorganized CSV or XML files again. We've taken the pain out of dealing with affiliate datafeeds.

Commissions = 100%

Unlike other affiliate services that take up to 25% of your earnings, we don't take a cent. With Datafeedr, you keep 100% of the affiliate commissions you earn.

Bulk Add Products

Easily add a group of products that match your product searches to your store's categories. Add up to 10,000 products with a single click.

Automatic Updates

Datafeedr automatically keeps the products in your store up-to-date. Be confident that your product data like prices, sale status and affiliate links are accurate.

New Products Like Magic

New products which match your saved product searches will automatically be added to your store! Your store will always contain the newest products available.

Auto Remove Products

Products which are no longer for sale are automatically removed from your store so you can be confident that your visitors are only viewing products that are actually available.

Background Updates

Product imports and updates run in the background so you can focus on running your blog and not watching the progress bar waiting for products to be processed.

Fully Documented

Need help? Got a question? Access our documentation anytime whether you're a customer or just checking us out.

Fanatic Support

Got a question that the documentation did not answer? We provide awesome support via our HelpScout integration. Email us anytime!

API Available

If you are a developer and want to build your own app displaying affiliate product data, we also have a robust API available.

Affiliate Networks

We've partnered with the biggest affiliate networks in the world to provide a selection of affiliate products that is second to none.  Choose from over 16,000 retailers and 600 million affiliate products to import into your WordPress store.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Datafeedr for?

Who is Datafeedr not for?

Do you take any commission from the sales I refer?

Where can I see my sales stats?

Do you have your own affiliate program?


What is an API request?

What happens if I use all of my API requests for the month?


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Do you offer a free trial?

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When am I billed?


What are the requirements?

Does Datafeedr work with WordPress Multisite?

Site Building

How many products can I add to my website?

Can I create multiple websites using Datafeedr?

Can I add my own products?

What WordPress themes do you recommend?

What hosting do you recommend?

What if I don't use WordPress?

Networks & Merchants

Which affiliate networks do you support?

Which merchants / retailers do you support?

What if I can't find a Merchant?

Do I have to be approved to display a merchant's products?

Is Datafeedr compatible with Skimlinks?

Is Datafeedr compatible with VigLink?

Do you support Amazon?


Do you offer support for your service?

Do you offer written documentation?

Jeff Gearhart MediaMaxx

seamless integration of product feed listings

When combined with the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, Datafeedr provides a seamless integration of product feed listings and indexing tools. A cost effective merchandising service for any publisher needing search, filtering and advanced publishing capabilities.

Bobette Kyle MyOnlineWeddingHelp

Datafeedr is a game changer

Datafeedr is a game changer when it comes to affiliate sales. And the customer support is phenomenal. Thank you, Eric and Stefan, for all you do.


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  • 10,000 API requests/mo
  • 100 products/request
  • Import into WooCommerce
  • Unlimited websites
  • Display price comparison sets




  • 40,000 API requests/mo
  • 100 products/request
  • Import into WooCommerce
  • Unlimited websites
  • Display price comparison sets



  • 150,000 API requests/mo
  • 100 products/request
  • Import into WooCommerce
  • Unlimited websites
  • Display price comparison sets
Susan Banks

You will not regret it

I have been doing affiliate marketing on and off for several years. When I first started I added the affiliate links, product images, and prices into my posts manually. The problem with that, besides the time involved, is that if anything changes - for example price, product availability - you end up with a page with broken links or incorrect information.

When I discovered Datafeedr I was, to put it mildly, thrilled! It pulls vendors datafeeds, automatically updates the products, and allows you to edit product descriptions and customize the look and feel of your website.

On top of that, Datafeedr has introduced a lot of great new features over the years, including the ability to add product comparison sets. In fact, I am still still discovering new features and tweaks.

Whenever I have had a problem or question, Eric and Stefan have been very helpful and responsive, always replying within one day, and working with me until I get my issue resolved. Their support is exemplary.

If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether Datafeedr is for you, I say just give it a try. It will help you build professional looking affiliate "stores" and save you countless hours of time and frustration! You will not regret it.


If at anytime during the first 30 days of your Datafeedr subscription you feel that our service or software does not meet your expectations, we'll issue you a full refund – no questions asked!

Jimmie Johansson HemDetalj

best support I've ever had

Easy to use services and best support I've ever had. Always responding quickly on my small wonderings. I recommend Datafeedr!

Ermin Rajic

Datafeedr is a great time saver

Datafeedr is a great time saver for us. A great product we highly
recommend all affiliates who want to create a better value of their
comparison sites. The support is great and there is simply nothing to
worry about. Big thanks to Datafeedr team for the great product and

Datafeedr makes it easy to build and embed an affiliate store into your WordPress blog. No programming required. Promote products from thousands of merchants. Your store automatically updates.

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