WooCommerce Importer Plugin

The Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugin lets you easily search and select from over 913 million affiliate products to import into your WooCommerce store.

Plugin Features

Cross platform search

Search from 913M+ affiliate products across 40 affiliate networks and 27K+ retailers simultaneously to find the products you want to promote.

Powerful search filters

Our powerful search form allows you to search 913M+ affiliate products and filter by 30 fields including name, description, brand, price, sale status and more.

Seamless WooCommerce integration

Our plugin intergrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, the most popular and powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Oh yeah, and it’s free!

Add products in bulk

Search to find the products you want to add to a WooCommerce category and save your search. This method of adding products to your store lets you import hundreds of products with a single click.

Add products individually

Pick and choose exactly which products you want to import into your store. This method of adding products gives you fine-grained control over exactly which products you are displaying in your store.

Automatically add new products

New products which match your saved product searches will automatically be added to your store keeping your store up to date with the newest products available.

Auto removal of old products

Products which are no longer for sale are automatically removed from your store so you can be confident that your visitors are only viewing products that they are able to buy.

Background product updates

Product data such as prices and affiliate links change all of the time. Our plugin automatically updates your product data at a schedule of your choice.

No data feeds required

Never download, parse, process or import large, unorganized CSV or XML files again. We’ve taken the pain out of dealing with affiliate datafeeds.

You keep 100% of commissions

Unlike other affiliate services that take up to 25% of your earnings, we don’t take a cent. With Datafeedr, you keep 100% of the affiliate commissions you earn.

Fully documented

Need help? Got a question? Access our documentation anytime whether you’re a customer or just checking us out.

Fanatical support

Got a question that the documentation did not answer? We provide awesome support via email or in our Github discussion forums. Reach out to us. We can help!

Customer Reviews

“If you are considering opening an affiliate store then I would highly recommend this plugin. From my research it is simply the best option and using it has proved that to be the case. Some key points: The plugin works flawlessly – very simple to set up. The support and FAQs are very comprehensive. The plugin is powerful and it does ALL the heavy lifting. If you have more than a few dozen products it’s an absolute no brainer to save time. For a non developer like myself it was a cinch to set up. The support is absolutely outstanding. I’m not affiliated in any way, just wish I had discovered the gem that is Datafeedr before.”
“I have recently started using Datafeedr, (although I did actually use a few years ago) I have to say that I really do like this plug-in. Although I have been working online for 12 years plus I don’t particularly do the technical stuff, thankfully with datafeedr you don’t need any technical knowledge, if I can use it, you definitely can! I have asked Eric and Stefan many questions and their support is absolutely first class, I receive very quick answers to my questions, which is great. I would definitely recommend this product. Roy Bretton”
“The DataFeedr plugin is the best out there for importing feeds from affiliate networks. I’ve tried alot of alternatives within and outside of WordPress and nothing comes close to the user friendliness. No more hours of mapping and searching for products in endless sheets. The support is even better. Quick response, they really try to understand your issue and help you with your issues. I would recommend this plugin to everyone and especially for the people like me who aren’t hardcore developers!”
“Datafeedr is the best plugin out there, my life is so much easier since I’m using it. Easy, quick and seamless to use. But what Datafeedr truly differentiates from other similar services is THE Support from plugin’s founders, Stefan and Eric. They are absolute pleasure to work with and are always super helpful and supportive with all the questions and issues I have and above all very quick in responding. Thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no hard limit to the number of products you can import into your WooCommerce store. However, we recommend to all of our members to keep their store under 10,000 products. Highly targeted, niche affiliate stores are easier to build, manage and promote. If you need a large store (10K+ products), please keep in mind that this might require additional web hosting and site optimization services.

Yes, you can use your API keys on unlimited WordPress websites. All of our membership plans support unlimited website integration.

Yes, in order to use our plugins you must be approved by one or more of the merchants we support before you can display their products on your site.

Yes, you can add your own products to your WooCommerce store and your own custom products will appear alongside the affiliate products imported by Datafeedr.

This is compatible with any theme that supports the latest version of WooCommerce. If your theme supports the latest version of WooCommerce then your theme will work with our plugin.

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