Add Sort by Discount Option to Sort Dropdown Menu

The Sort Dropdown menu is a way for website visitors to choose the order they see products on your affiliate website. Common options include “sort by price high to low,” “sort by popularity,” etc. Another option you have is to add a “Sort by Discount” option.  This option allows website visitors to view products based on […]

Custom Plugin: What It Is And Why You Need One

When reading through the Datafeedr documentation, you may notice that a lot of the documentation recommends you add code to a Custom Plugin if you want to edit the features and functionality of your WordPress website. This is because the features and functionality of your WordPress website is largely based off the theme you chose. […]

Merchant Discovery: Find the Merchants With Your Desired Products

With Datafeedr’s wide merchant support, finding the merchants that have the products you want to promote on your affiliate website can seem like a challenging task. The Scratchpad makes it easy. To run a search on the Scratchpad, enter in information for one of more Search Filters. The more Search Filters you use, the more […]

Default Product Search Settings: Save Time and Streamline Your Workflows

There are numerous ways to simplify tasks and streamline your workflows. One approach to achieve this is by setting up the default Product Search settings. A Product Set is created by adding Search Filters that refine your results. This allows you to get results that are only the specific products you want to add to […]

Link Buy Now Button to Least Expensive Product in a Comparison Set: The Pros and Cons

Buy Buttons on an affiliate website provide a direct link for website visitors to purchase products from a merchant. When a product is available from multiple merchants, a Price Comparison Set can be generated. A Price Comparison Set will include multiple, direct links to purchase the product from all the merchants offering that product. Buy Buttons, […]

Tips for Refining Product Search Results: Final Price Search Filter

If you start with a broad Product Search, you might see products in your search results that you want to be removed. There are various options to filter and narrow down your search results. For example, let’s say you are creating a Product Set for bicycles. Since this is such a broad search, your results […]

Adding Merchant Logos to Shop and Product Pages

There are numerous ways to optimize the shop page on your affiliate store to boost your user experience, clicks and sales. One of the ways you may consider optimizing your affiliate store is by adding merchant logos to WooCommerce products. There are two ways you can do this:  Add Merchant Logos to Single Product Page  […]

How to Embed Comparison Sets in a Blog Post

A Comparison Set is a way of displaying which merchants are selling a product. Comparison Sets are commonly shown on affiliate stores and WooCommerce product pages. Did you know you can also easily embed Comparison Sets in blog posts? Let’s say you are writing an article about the best rock climbing products and you find […]

Allow Website Visitors to Filter Products By Their Sale Status

Attributes are characteristics or qualities that give information about a product. For example, size, color, or gender. A filter attribute is a way of letting website visitors search an affiliate store by these specific attributes.  Attributes play a key role in a successful affiliate website as attributes are responsible for how products are organized on […]

Scratchpad: Pro Tips For Discovering Products to Promote

The Datafeedr Scratchpad allows you to search 1 billion+ products across all supported affiliate networks and merchants in a single query. If you want to discover new products to promote on your affiliate store, the Scratchpad is the place to go! For more information on how to use the Scratchpad, you can view written documentation […]