Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set


February 4, 2024

There are three main functions associated with Product Sets: Adding products, Importing Products and Updating Products. While they may seem similar, they each have their own important role to play. 

Adding Products 

Adding products occurs after you use search filters to run a Product Search. You can add products using the Saved Search Method, which will automatically add all the search results to your Product Set. You can also use the Manual Method, which allows you to manually pick which products you want to add to your Product Set. To learn about which method may work best for you, you can read more about the Saved Search Method here or learn more about the Manual Method here.  

Both of these methods are what allows you to add products to a Product Set.

Importing Products 

Once you have successfully added products, now it’s time to import these products and add them to your website! The importing process starts once you publish your Product Set. 

After pressing publish, the Product Set will go into the queue. Once the Product Set reaches the front of the queue, the products will be imported into your website. 

Updating Products 

The Updating Products function is what keeps the products on your website up to date and accurate after they have been imported. This means removing products that are no longer available, ensuring the price is correct, reflecting any sales, etc. By default, your Product Sets will update at regular intervals. 

If you want more control over when your Product Sets update, you can manually “Bump” your Product Set to update, or create an automated custom update schedule. You can learn more about how to bump a Product Set here or learn more about how to create a custom update schedule here