Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set


January 26, 2024

We have talked about excluding duplicate products from appearing in your search results. However, what if you want to see duplicate products? 

For example, you want to do a search and see every merchant a specific product is being sold at. 

While you can do a search by product name, product names are not universal. The exact same product may have a different name at Target than it does at Walmart or Best Buy, etc. This can cause various search results to be returned. 

In these cases, the barcode search field is one of the most useful fields to achieve your desired result. This field also works for EAN, UPC, GTIN, etc. 

A product’s barcode can be found by clicking “data” under a returned product on the Scratchpad. 

You can also find a barcode from Product Set search results by accessing the additional information box. You can learn more about finding this information here

Additionally, many merchants will list the barcode, EAN, UPC, GTIN, etc. right on their website in the product’s description. 

Once you have the barcode, simply enter it into the barcode search field. If you are searching by barcode on the Scratchpad, it will show you where the exact product you searched for is being sold at every merchant. For example, this luggage is being sold across three different affiliate networks at fourteen different merchants. 

If you only want to search for the exact product at the merchants you have a direct relationship with, you can use the Merchant Name search field to refine your results. You can also use the barcode search field that is available when creating/editing a Product Set which will only return results with your added merchants.

A barcode search will help you discover where the product you want to promote is being sold.

This can help you find which merchant is offering the best deal for the product, see which products would be beneficial to embed a Comparison Set for, discover new merchants to apply to, etc.

To learn more about searching for products, view our Youtube playlist here.