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May 29, 2024

A Product Set is specific to Datafeedr and is used to search and find products that you want to add to your WooCommerce Store. A Product Category, on the other hand, is specific to WooCommerce. This is how products are grouped and organized on your WooCommerce Store. To learn more about the difference between Product Sets and Product Categories, click here.

Many times, Product Sets and Product Categories can be matched one to one. This means, each Product Set can be imported into the matching, single Product Category.

For example, a Product Set consisting of Shirts can be added to the Shirts Product Category.

There can be instances where it also makes sense to create multiple Product Sets for a single Product Category.

Adding multiple Product Sets to a single Product Category is achieved in the same way as adding one Product Set to a Product Category.

When creating/editing a Product Set, simply click the Product Category you would like to import the Product Set into.

One use case for this scenario is if you have a broad Product Category.

For example, let's say instead of your Product Category being limited to Shirts, it is Apparel. You may be able to create just one Product Set and add all the Apparel products. However, it is likely you will end up creating multiple Product Sets to account for the broad Product Category.

For example, one Product Set for Pants:

One Product Set for Jackets, etc.

These Product Sets will all be added to the same Product Category.

Other times, you may have a more specific Product Category, but it may be challenging to add all the products you want it the Product Category from one Product Set. For example, let's say the Product Category is sneakers. You may want to add different types of sneakers such as running sneakers, casual sneakers, basketball sneakers, etc. While it may be possible to use numerous search filters to find all these types of sneakers in one Product Set, it is likely easier and more efficient to create multiple Product Sets to find all the products you want to promote. You can then add all the Product Sets to the one sneaker Product Category.

To learn more about Product Sets, click here.