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September 8, 2023

The Sort Dropdown menu is a way for website visitors to choose the order they see products on your affiliate website. Common options include “sort by price high to low," “sort by popularity,” etc. Another option you have is to add a “Sort by Discount” option. 

This option allows website visitors to view products based on the discount they offer. To learn how to add a Sort by Discount option, click here

Sort by Discount vs. Sale Status Filter Attribute 

The Sort by Discount option is not the same as the Sale Status Filter Attribute, although they do have similarities:

  • Sort by Discount:
    • Function: Sorting by discount reorders a list of products based on the amount of discount each product offers.
    • Use Case: It helps website visitors quickly identify products with the highest discounts in a given category or search results. This is particularly useful for website visitors who are interested in finding products with the largest discount.
    • Example: When a website visitor selects this option, products with the highest discounts will appear at the top of the list. This makes it easier for website visitors to quickly find the best deals.
Example of Sort by Discount option
  • Sale Status Filter Attribute:
    • Function: A Sale Status Filter Attribute allows users to narrow down product listings based on their sale status. Website visitors can filter products to only show those that are on sale.
    • Use Case: It helps website visitors refine their search or category view by displaying only products that are currently discounted or on sale. This is useful when website visitors want to focus exclusively on finding deals and don't want to see full-priced items.
    • Example: When a website visitor selects the Sale Status Filter Attribute, the system will display only products that having a discounted price. Full-priced products will be excluded from the list.
Example of Sale Status Filter Attribute

Adding a Sort by Discount option to your dropdown menu enhances customization for website visitors, speeding up product discovery. Consider also including the Sale Status Filter Attribute to further improve product discovery for website visitors!