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June 4, 2024

Stemming is included by default in nearly all product searches and search operators.

What is Stemming?

Stemming is used to match slight variations of the search to ensure all relevant results are returned. For example, a search of "bike" will include results of bikes, biking, biker, etc.

Other examples can be "book" and "books" or "travel," "traveling," "traveler."

Why is Stemming used?

Stemming is used to ensure that all relevant search results are returned. This can help you find the product you are searching for, even if the terms that you used is slightly different than the terms provided by the merchant.

How do you Use Stemming?

By default, Stemming is included in Product Searches. This means, you do not have to do anything to use Stemming, it will be applied automatically. There may be instances when you have specific search criteria and only want to see certain products in your search results. In these cases, it is easy to disable Stemming.

To do this, simply use the exact phrase search operator.

Putting an equal sign (=) before the phrase you search for will disable Stemming and only show products that match exactly what you search for.

To learn more about Stemming and search operators, click here.