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Price Comparison Sets: How Many Merchants Should You Display?

June 5, 2023
A Price Comparison Set is a way of displaying which merchants are selling a product and at what price. When displaying a Comparison Set, it is important consider how many merchants you want to show. Some website visitors may be interested in purchasing the product for the lowest price available. Other website visitors may have a preference for shopping at certain merchants. Regardless of their preference, the Price Comparison Sets meets their needs. 

Since the Price Comparison Set tool is completely customizable, you can easily change how many merchants you choose to display in the Price Comparison Set Results. Depending on the number of merchants you choose to display, you can increase the success of the Price Comparison Set and maximize your sales. 

Default Price Comparison Set Settings

The minimum number of results returned by a comparison set is by default 2 merchants. This means if there are fewer than two merchants selling that product, the comparison set will be hidden for your website visitors.  That number can be changed by going to: WordPress admin > Datafeedr API > Datafeedr Comparison Sets > Display Settings > Minimum Number of Results. You can learn more here

Helpful Tips:

When making the decision of how many merchants to display, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind: 
    1. Prioritize quality over quantity: If there are ten different merchants selling a product, it does not automatically mean you should show all ten merchants in the Price Comparison Set. Consider which merchants are the most relevant and reputable to your audience.  
    2. Make the choice simple:  Use the Price Comparison Set to give your website visitors a choice and make it an easy choice for them to make. Displaying too many merchants may overwhelm your website visitors. On the other hand, only displaying one merchant may not give your website visitors the information they are looking for. Determine the number of merchants that will allow website visitors to easily select a merchant and make a purchase. 
    Displaying an appropriate amount of merchants will make your website visitors feel confident they are finding the best deal for the product, leading to more sales and success!