Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set


March 7, 2024

One of the Search Fields available on both the Scratchpad and with Product Sets is the In Stock Search Field. 

This Search Field allows you to instantly filter your search results based on the products availability. Specifically, if the product is in stock, or if the product is not in stock.

Is it important to keep in mind that the stock information returned in the search results is a direct reflection of the information provided by each of the merchants. 

In Stock Search Field Options 

To use the In Stock Search Field, you have three options to choose from: Yes or unknown, Yes, or No.

Yes or unknown: This is the default option. Since not all products contain stock-related information, using this option will return all products that are set as in-stock or products which do not have any stock-related information. 

Yes: This option will return all products that are specifically set as in-stock. 

No: This option will return all products that are specifically set as not in-stock. 

Which option is recommended? 

Since this information is dependent on the information provided by merchants, not all products may have stock information. To be sure you are capturing all relevant in-stock products in your search results, it is recommended to set this field as "yes or unknown."

To learn more about the available search fields, view our Youtube playlist here.