Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set (2)


May 16, 2024

When creating or editing a Product Set, each Product Set can return a maximum of 10,000 search results. Typically, you will only get this many products returned if you run a broad search and use very few search filters.

Limiting the number of search results returned helps reduce the number of API requests made during searching and updating Product Sets.

Limit Search Field

The Limit Search Field is available when adding products to a Product Set. To use the Limit Search, simply enter in the maximum number of products you want to be shown in your search results. This can be any number under 10,000.

Your search results will then be limited to the number set. This means, if you set this field to 1,000, you will see a maximum of 1,000 products returned.

Limit Products Displayed per Page

An additional setting you can add is to limit the number of products displayed per page of the search results.

Head over to Product Sets -> Configuration in your WordPress Admin area and you will see the search settings.

By default, you will see 100 products per page for each search. This setting will allow you to see fewer products per page, if you would like.

For more information about Product Sets, click here.