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March 21, 2024

There are a lot of Search Fields you can use when searching for products.  In fact, you have over 35 Search Fields to choose from. 

Most are easy to use. For example, “has image,” “barcode” or “product name.” Some, on the other hand,  may require a bit of knowledge to maximize your success with the Search Fields. For example, “final price,” “merchant limit” or “last updated.”  

If you ever need a refresher on how to correctly utilize a Search Field, you can use the Tool Tip located directly next to the Search Field. 

Clicking the ? will provide you additional information on the function of the search field and how to successfully use it when creating or editing Product Sets. 

If you are searching for products on the Scratchpad, you will also be able to find helpful tips for each of the Search Fields under the Learn Section.

Simply click on the Learn section of the Scratchpad and you will be able to see exactly how to use each Search Field. You will also see examples of how to correctly format each of the search fields.

These Tool Tips are not only available when it comes to Search Fields. You will find them scattered throughout Datafeedr-specifc pages in the Wordpress Admin area. 

For example, Tool Tips are also available on the Networks page.

When you click on the Affiliate ID Tool Tip, you will be redirected to instructions on how to find your Affiliate ID for that particular network. The Tracking ID Tool Tip will direct you to further information on what a Tracking ID is and how to use it. 

Tool Tips are one of the most efficient ways to quickly find out additional information.

And, if you still have further questions, you can access our full resource library here