Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set


October 6, 2023

Single Product Pages are exactly what they sounds like - a dedicated webpage featuring only one specific product. This page appears when a website visitor clicks on a product on your affiliate website. 

The overall format and design of a Single Product Page is largely influenced by your WordPress Theme. However, using Datafeedr you can customize different aspects of your Single Product Pages. 

One option you have is to choose whether to include the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). 

Example of SKU on Single Product Page

By default, the product SKU will appear on the Single Product Pages. If you want to remove the SKU, you can learn how here

Advantages of listing the product SKU include: 

  • Clarity: SKUs provide a clear and unique identifier for each product.
  • Organization: SKUs help organize product listings, making it easier for website visitors to find and reference specific products.

Disadvantages of listing the product SKU include: 

  • Complexity: Adding SKUs to product pages can add complexity to the page, potentially confusing website visitors.
  • Clutter: SKUs may disrupt the visual design of a product page.

Another option you have is to display specific attributes in the Additional Information Tab.

Example of Additional Information Tab on Single Product Page

By default, this tab will show attributes such as the products Network, Merchant and Brand. To remove these attributes from the Additional Information Tab, you can learn how here

Advantages of listing the specific attributes include: 

  • Increased Product Information: Attributes like brand and merchant provide valuable information to website visitors, helping them understand the product's source and quality.
  • Credibility: Displaying brand and merchant information can enhance trust and credibility. Website visitors may be more likely to make a purchase when they know they are buying from reputable sources.

Disadvantages of listing the specific attributes include: 

  • Distraction: Attributes like networks may not be as relevant to website visitors, and displaying them prominently could distract visitors from clicking on affiliate links.
  • Crowding: Incorporating an excessive number of attributes on a single page can result in a crowded layout.

Ultimately, your Single Product Pages influence the way website visitors view product. Customizing these pages to meet the needs of both you and website visitors, creates an exceptional user experience - allowing you to maximize success!