Choose how many merchants to diaply on a Price Comparison Set


March 15, 2024

When displaying a Comparison Set in a blog post, the Comparison Set can easily be modified and changed to match your preference. This includes the Comparison Set title. 

By default, the title of the Comparison Set will say “Compare x Prices” depending on how many products you are including. For example, “Compare 2 Prices” or “Compare 4 Prices.”

To customize this, all you need to do is update the shortcode to include “title.” Then, simply enter in whatever you would like the title to be. 

For example:

[dfrcs name="owala 24oz water bottle" title="Trending Product Alert!"]

You can then enter in your preferred text and it will instantly be reflected in your Comparison Set.

There are also a variety of placeholders you can use in the title field for further customization. This includes:

  • {product_name} 
  • {lowest_price} 
  • {highest_price} 
  • {num_products} 
  • {num_merchants}

For example:

 [dfrcs name="owala 24oz water bottle" title= "{num_products} Great Deals on {product_name}"]


[dfrcs name="owala 24oz water bottle" title= "{product_name} On Sale {lowest_price}"]

There are countless ways to use placeholders or add your own custom text to configure the Comparison Set title to meet your needs.

For more information on customizing Comparison Sets with shortcodes, click here.