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Building a WooCommerce Store Using Affiliate Feeds

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A couple of weeks ago I spoke with BobWP on his WP eCommerce Show. You can find that talk hereĀ https://wpecommerceshow.com/building-a-woocommerce-store-using-affiliate-feeds-with-eric-busch/

Here are a few of the topics we discussed:

  1. What is Datafeedr and how did it come to be?

  2. Is it viable to start up an online store with just affiliate products?

  3. For new site owners, how do you get accepted by these affiliate networks with nothing selling on your site?

  4. Are there ever instances where store owners will mix affiliate products in with their own products?

  5. Is there such as thing as having too many affiliate products in your store?

Last updated on March 2021

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