A little about ourselves.

We created Datafeedr to make data feed affiliate marketing easy.

The beginning

In 2007 we were creating affiliate stores by manually importing affiliate data feeds into WordPress. The process was laborious, time-consuming and hard to maintain.

There's got to be a better way

In 2008 we built & launched our first product to help others who wanted to build affiliate stores do it without any programming knowledge. At that time, we only supported three affiliate networks and had only three million products in our database.

Success demands improvement

Our intial product was very successful but our database of affiliate products was small and we needed more powerful store building tools. We partnered with another developer who helped us build a platform that could scale to support 300 million products and 30+ affiliate networks.

Continually developing and adapting

To keep up with the ever changing web and its demands, we released our API in 2014. The API gives developers the ability to integrate affiliate data into whatever app or site they desire. We also integrated the API with the WooCommerce platform, the most popular ecommerce software on the web, to provide the most powerful affiliate store building solution out there.

Meet our team

Eric Busch


I’m Eric. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I now reside in Ontario with my wife and 2 dogs. I’ve been doing web development since 2003 and creating and modifying WordPress websites since 2005. When I’m not working you can find me on my bike, fishing or playing Ultimate frisbee.

Stefan Everaet


I’m Stefan. I live near Brussels, Belgium. I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2004. In 2008 I quit my full time day job to fully focus on my online business as an affiliate marketer. I enjoy running Datafeedr as well as building and promoting affiliate sites. When I’m not online I’m either jogging, on the bike, traveling or attending the games of my favorite soccer team Standard de Liege.

Georg Barikin


I’m Georg. I live in Düsseldorf, Germany. I’ve been in software development since early 2000s and enjoy making things work in dozens of programming languages and platforms. When not on my computer, I love cooking, playing piano and being together with my wife and two sons.

Datafeedr makes it easy to build and embed an affiliate store into your WordPress blog. No programming required. Promote products from thousands of merchants. Your store automatically updates.