Datafeedr, an Alternative to PopShops

Rakuten – Linkshare’s parent company – has acquired PopShops. For more info read the press release here. If you’re concerned about the future of PopShops and are looking for an alternative, we’re offering a 14 day free trial for all PopShops users. Simply use this link to sign up for the trial. This offer is good until October 1, 2013.

Sorry! This offer has expired.

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Bosun - 6 years ago Reply

How does Popshops fit in with Datafeedr? On the surface they seem to be in much the same space, or have I missed something? If you are promoting Popshops, how do we use their offering to improve our sites?

Stefan Everaet - 6 years ago Reply

We do not promote Popshops. Some people were unhappy by the fact that Popshops has been acquired by Rakuten – Linkshare’s parent company – and is no longer a “neutral” service. See this forum thread for example. We just offer a trial for Popshops users who are looking for an alternative.

Jamie Rose - 6 years ago Reply

We are using the Popshops API over at The Fusion Boutique with good success. We’ve not yet integrated Datafeedr Bosun, but plan to do so soon…. I can see no reason why it would be a problem using the two together?

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