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After months of trying to study books on php and mysql ( and falling asleep in the process) I stumbled on a post about datafeedr last week, and am blown away! I got my site up and running within ONE hour of subscribing! I have worked through most of the video tutorials, which are so easy to follow and I learnt a few things about html along the way! I just wanted to say thanks for this great product and I can't wait to set up my next store!Helen Worswick

I subscribed to Datafeedr because, compared to other products I researched, it seemed to suit my needs better than the others. Initially the construction of my affiliate store was a simple no-brainer. Datafeeder made it extremely easy to create my store. The process is very intuitive and the video instructions are precise and easy to follow. However as I progressed, I began to think of variations I wanted to employ to customize my store.

At this point a much better knowledge of programming was necessary. I presented my questions in the forum and was surprised to find that the solutions were almost instantaneously provided. Even on Sunday! Of course, I screwed up a few times but, with what must have been an enormous exertion of patience, I was guided through the remedies and the problems were solved.

Eric, Stephan and the Datafeedr team are outstanding. They are professional, helpful and in every way a huge asset to my efforts in developing a successful affiliate store. It is, by far, the superior affiliate store building program. I truly believe a subscription to Datafeedr is well worth the monthly subscription. Every penny!

Bob H.

Amazing plugin, with so many options! But most important - support is the best I have ever seen. Very quick replies and they always answer to any question you have. Really feels that they care about their clients.Adrian

I have worked with a lot of companies that offer wordpress related products. And Datafeedr's customer service and support is the best I have ever seen. If I email Datafeedr's support, they reply back that day. It's an awesome feeling knowing that if I have a problem, I won't have to wait days or weeks to get a response like most companies do. Because of their unbelievable support and quality product, I have recommended Datafeedr to all my other internet friends and clients. Geoff L.

If you work in affiliate marketing you will find a handful of essential tools in your toolbox. Tools without which it would not be possible to succeed. Datafeedr is one of these tools. Apart from being very easy to use Datafeedr offers great flexibility and on top of that the Customer Service is unparalleled! Again and again I see support going above and beyond in helping their customers becoming successful. Highly recommended! THANKS!Anders Vinther (ayorofrance)

Datafeedr's customer service is excellent beyond words! But just as important is that their system delivers on every promise they make: easy to set up, easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to update.Chris L. Stong

I cannot imagine life as an affiliate marketer without the Datafeedr system! And the support I get from both the website video tutorials and forums as well as through email is simple, straightforward and professional. This system is a 'must have' in your affiliate marketing tool kit!Andy Bramer

Thank you for developing such an extremely high quality product. Your stores are easy to set up and customize. You have done a fantastic job in making this a great product right out of the box.Imam Wibowo

This is the simplest and most powerful store building system I've seen so far. As an added benefit, customer service is top notch.Dmitri Bombine

I have nothing but good things to say about Datafeedr, the time it saves me is unbelievable.Jim Novak

I know that I mentioned this yesterday, but because your support is so outstanding it bears repeating. I know from dealing with my own clients how tedious customer support is, however, you really are head and shoulders above the standard. Even your AWeber messages are better written, more welcoming, and offer support. I'm extremely taken by the quality of your service, the quality of your training videos, and the amount of time and effort that's clearly gone into making datafeedr the success that it is. I'm sure once I get over the learning curve I will be successful with your product. Your professionalism and service make me want to stick with this new venture of an affiliate store if for no other reason than the diligent support that is available. It is rare in this business to feel as though a provider is a working partner, yet within a only days of becoming a customer that is the feeling you have given me. I congratulate you on your success, and hope that you know your service level is gold standard. I can assure you that at my next convention later this month I will be sharing my experience with the many friends I have in this business about your company.Dawn-Marie Januzzi

I have found the system very easy to use, the set-up videos and description were very straightforward. In-fact I had my first site up and running the day after I signed-up. It worked straight out of the box, all I had to do was make a few CSS changes to accommodate larger thumbnails. I still need to add lots of original content to the site, but I had a fully functioning Wordpress installation with an affiliate shop in about 12 hours.Greg B.

This testimonial is offered to Datafeedr freely, not requested by them, and I have no affiliation or relationship with anyone at Datafeedr other than as a customer. If it reads as a glowing recommendation, that's because it is, and if anyone reading it would like confirmation I'd be happy to do so via email - please contact Datafeedr for my details. Since joining Datafeedr, I can say that the product has exceeded my expectations on every level. I took out a subscription to the unlimited service and have since set up a number of sites, and can report the following (from a site, performance and SEO perspective):

  1. The sites that were set up first are now performing extremely well in search. From a standing start 3 of the sites are now producing top 10 results in Google for their key product terms, and these sites also have 100's of pages indexed in the major search engines through using the drip feed feature.
  2. Datafeedr has already paid for itself within the first month. The sites started getting sales at the end of week 2, and in week 3 we have continued to have further sales - 2 in particular stood out as they each earned over $100 in commission! Now that really is what I call a result.
  3. Datafeedr has allowed me to spend the time where it matter - building relationships with the affiliate companies and building good sites. Datafeedr's integration is seamless, and all of the Affiliate Managers have been impressed with quality and presentation of the sites produced with Datafeedr.
Most importantly though, Eric and Stefan at Datafeedr have produced the BEST, most helpful customer support I have ever experienced from a subscription service in 10 years of site delevelopment, going above and beyond the call of duty dealing with problems, integration and queries. Yesterday Eric, one of Datafeedr's founders, identified and fixed a problem I was having with Datafeedr and updates to the Wordpress system running our sites, except it turns out that the problem was with Wordpress, not Datafeedr, not that that stopped him! This type of help and support is INVALUABLE, and has allowed us to produce an outstanding product at a very reasonable cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Datafeedr to anyone looking for a simple way to integrate affiliate products into their website - it really is Web 3.0 for monetizing domain names, and beats parking, minisites or bespoke development hands down. To anyone thinking about trying the service I'd say invest the time and money - I'd be amazed if you were disappointed. Best wishesTy

This was my first site/blog and I was dredding it for a long time but you made it sooo easy I wished I'd done it sooner. I just followed the video's and I had the store up in a few hours incl. adding and uploading products and creating a new theme. I still can't believe how easy it was and how profesional it looks!Marlous

Datafeedr has just set the new benchmark for providing you with a store building solution, using merchant data feeds. The product is nothing short of amazing; not only when it comes to ease of use and functionality - but is also backed by incredible support. Datafeedr exceeded my expectations - truly a rare case of over delivery in a world where sales letters seem to be more important than the actual product.Michael Kane

We have nearly finished our first store and me and my partner are really starting to get to grips with how powerful the feed factory is. So far we are really impressed with everything, especially the speed that you guys answer any questions we have. I hope Datafeedr is a wonderful success for you guys, it's by far the best system I've used.Paul Eddison

I just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying using Datafeedr. I've installed it on a few sites now, and one of them has gone from less than 20 unique visitors a day to over 100 unique visitors a day - all due to datafeedr. The stats show that people are searching on products descriptions, our site is coming up in the #1 - 2 spot on Google SERPS for those terms and we are getting traffic. Some click through to the merchants. No sales yet, but we've only had this feed installed for a few days, literally. Now I'm working on duplicating this success for my other sites. Your support is second to none as well. I really appreciate that, a rare occurrence indeed these days. Well done!Donna Miller

One thing I gotta say is that your customer service is top notch. You guys saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you ever come to Malaysia (that's where I'm from), I'd buy you dinner.Juzaily Ramli

As an affiliate manager I am always looking for tools to help our affiliates promote our merchant products. Datafeedr not only makes importing datafeeds into Wordpress sites easy, it also permits easy editing of pages so that the presentation from one affiliate site to another can be truly unique. The video tutorials are first class, you can tell they worked hard to cover every detail and an active support forum is available as well. I highly recommend datafeedr to any affiliate wanting to import datafeeds into their Wordpress sites.Ron Bechdolt

Just to tell you that once in a while a great product comes along that you feel is worth every cent, well, this is the case with your product, what a great product you have developed. I am so glad that my buddy Charlie got me into it. Your product and your support ROCKS!!! I setup my first site at very good!Tito DiPietro

Thanks very much for your service. I have already built multiple stores and am having a blast putting them together. Also the support is great. Most everything is user friendly and after watching the videos I had my store up and running. Keep up the good work.Bryon Blakey

I just want to say your customer service is absolutely fantastic. I really appreciate all your time and help. I don't know of any other service or system on the internet where the customer service is anywhere near as good as it is here.Lyndsay Whittaker

Datafeedr is kind a like Dew or coffee...when you don't have it, the entire world falls apart! :-)Rob Oskins

I found Datafeedr at 3:00 am on a Friday. By 3:00 pm the next day I had my first store configured and running smoothly. Stefan and Eric have created a must have product for affiliate marketers.Jason Murphy

I would like to thank you for the outstanding customer service that I have already witnessed. Whether it be the quick turn around time on the forums or emails like this, you guys are in tune with your customers. I've got a post being drafted for my blog that will provide a review of my experience with datafeedr thus far and I hope to direct a handful of my readers to your great service.Derek S.

I've already begun to build my store and I must say, I am astonished at how easy it is. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service and for being so helpful.Nicole Vu

I have already viewed a number of your videos and I am very excited about what I can do with datafeedr and what I plan to do for other upcoming sites! It looks like you guys have a great service here - thank you!Andy B.