New Ads Plugin – Beta Testers Wanted

We’ve rewritten our old Random Ads / Rotating Ads plugin. Those old plugins can be found here:

The new plugin has the following features:

– set impression limit (ad doesn’t get displayed after X number of impressions)

– set start date (date ad should not appear before)

– set end date (date ad should not appear after)

– has shortcode for use in posts, page and widgets

– has PHP code for use in template files

– works with caching plugins (tested with W3TC Enhanced Page Cache). Impressions are still counted and ads are ordered randomly even if you have caching enabled. (Doesn’t work if your site’s visitor has JavaScript disabled in their browser.)

– Add any type of ad.

– Set up groups for your ads to control where they display.

– Turn ON/OFF impression counting when admins view pages.

So far, no documentation. Use at your own risk. Hopefully set up is straightforward but videos and docs to follow.

Thanks for testing!

UPDATE 2013-03-18 11:32:36

We’ve officially released the plugin. Read more here:

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