If you would prefer that we install WordPress and Datafeedr on your server, we offer that service. Please see below regarding the details of the installation service.

What does the installation service include?

  1. Installing WordPress on 1 domain
  2. Installing the Datafeedr plugin on 1 domain

What does the installation service not include?

  1. Adding/activating additional themes
  2. Adding/activating additional plugins
  3. Configuring blog settings
  4. Configuring Datafeedr settings

What exactly does the installation service cover?

  1. Creating a MySQL database
  2. Creating a MySQL user & password
  3. Linking MySQL user with MySQL database
  4. Uploading WordPress files
  5. Modifying wp-config.php file to match MySQL settings
  6. Changing default database prefix (for security purposes)
  7. Running WordPress installation script
  8. Changing default username (admin) to unique username
  9. Adding an .htaccess file to root directory
  10. Uploading Datafeedr plugin files
  11. Uploading WP Security Scan plugin files (WP Security Scan will only be installed and activated if WordPress is not already installed. If WordPress is installed and you only wish to have the Datafeedr plugin installed, WP Security Scan will not be installed.)
  12. Activating Datafeedr & WP Security Scan plugins
  13. Configuring permalinks
  14. Setting proper file and folder permissions
  15. Verifying all security measures are OK (except for .htaccess file in /wp-admin/ folder)

What are the requirements to use the installation service?

  1. You must own a domain name
  2. You must have a web host that meets the following requirements:
    1. PHP 5.2.4+
    2. MySQL 5.0.3+
    3. A Linux server (most shared hosting offers Linux servers)
  3. Your DNS settings must be configured correctly so that your DNS is pointing to your server

How can I purchase this service?

To purchase this service, please go to My Account and select “Installation Service” from the Membership Type field.

What information is required in order to perform the installation?

After you have completed your payment for the installation service, please fill out the Installation Form.

Installation Service FAQ’s

What is the installation service refund policy?
The installation fee is non-refundable. The only case where the installation fee will be refunded is if the installation is unsuccessful.
How long will installation take?
We will attempt to install WordPress and Datafeedr on your server within 24 hours of receiving your order. If we require additional login credentials in order to access your server, installation may take longer.
How will I know when WordPress and Datafeedr have been installed?
We will email you when installation is complete with your new blog login information.
How can i install additional plugins/themes?
You can install additional plugins & themes via the WordPress admin panel.
Why does the WP Security Scan plugin say, 'The file .htaccess does not exist in wp-admin/.'?
Securing the wp-admin folder is outside of the realm of the installation service. If you would like to learn more about securing your wp-admin folder, please read this: Hardening WordPress - Securing wp-admin.
I already have WordPress installed. Can you just install the Datafeedr plugin.
Yes, but if we are dealing with a pre-existing WordPress blog, we will not be able to install WP Security Scan.