General Questions

How many products can I add to 1 store?
You can add up to 100,000 products per store.
How many stores can I create?
We have 3 different plans. Depending on the plan, you can create 1 store, 5 stores or an unlimited amount of stores.
What is considered a store?
A store consists of one shop in the Factory and one installation of the Datafeedr plugin. One installation of the plugin can be on a top level domain, a sub-domain or a sub-folder.

Example 1: If you purchase a 1 Site Plan, you are allowed to create one store in the Factory and install the Datafeedr plugin one time.

Example 2: If you purchase a 5 Site Plan, you are allowed to create 5 stores in the Factory and install the Datafeedr plugin one 5 different domains, sub-domains or sub-folders.

Example 3: If you purchase an Unlimited Site Plan, you are allowed to create up to 9,999 stores in the Factory and install the Datafeedr plugin on unlimited domains, sub-domains or sub-folders.

Example 4: If you are a member of the 1-Site Plan or 5-Site Plan, you may not have the plugin installed, activated and/or operating on more than your allowed number of domains, sub-domains, sub-folders or blogs. For example, if you are a 1-Site Plan member and you decide to install the Datafeedr plugin on a different domain than you initially installed it on, you MUST de-activate and remove the Datafeedr plugin from your original blog before installing the plugin on your new blog.

Example 5: Even though WordPress MU is not officially supported by Datafeedr, you may install Datafeedr on your MU blog. Each blog on your MU installation that has a Datafeedr store attached to it accounts against the total stores that you are allowed to create. If you have 5 blogs on your MU account and each blog has a Datafeedr store, this accounts for 5 stores and you would need to have a 5-Site Plan or greater in order to not be compliant with Datafeedr's Terms of Use.
Does Datafeedr take any of my commissions?
No. You keep every penny.
What are the minimum requirements?
Please see our Requirements page.
Am I responsible for shipping products?
No. You do not have to handle any products.
How do I get paid?
You receive payment from the affiliate network(s) that you sign up with.

Merchant Questions

What networks/merchants are available in Datafeedr? Can I add data feeds from networks / merchants who are not part of Datafeedr or add my own datafeeds or CSV files?
Do I need to apply for each merchant I want to display in my store?
In most cases, you will need to apply to each merchant before you can display their products on your site.
What if a merchant I want to use is not available at Datafeedr?
We take suggestions all of the time and try to add your requested merchant within 3~4 weeks.

WordPress Questions

Can I install Datafeedr on an existing WordPress blog?
Yes. As long as your WordPress blog is version 3.5 or greater.
Does Datafeedr work with any WordPress theme?
Almost. We've tested Datafeedr on hundreds of themes with little to no problems. However, Datafeedr does not work with WordPress e-commerce themes.
Does Datafeedr work with blogs?
No, Datafeedr only works with self-hosted blogs. does not allow users to install their own plugins.
Can I use other WordPress plugins?
Does Datafeedr work with WordPress MU?
Can I use Fantastico to install WordPress?
Yes. But make sure Fantastico installs the most current version of WordPress for security. The minimum requirement for WordPress is version 3.5.

Domain/Hosting Questions

Does your service include hosting?
No. You provide the hosting and therefore you maintain complete control over your site. Here are some web hosts we recommend.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes. You must have your own domain name to use
Can I install Datafeedr on a sub-domain?
Can I host multiple stores on sub-domains?
Is the source code encrypted?

Account Questions

Can I upgrade?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time.
Can I downgrade?
Yes, you can downgrade at any time.
Can I sell my Datafeedr store?
Yes, you can sell your Datafeedr store but only once (NO reselling allowed!). The NEW owner MUST join Datafeedr and you MUST let us know who the new owner is so we can transfer your shop file from your account to the new owner's account. This way the new owner gets access to the shop file and is able to edit and update the store to his/her needs.
If I purchase Datafeedr and then cancel my membership, will my sites still function?
Yes. You get to keep everything you have at the moment you cancel your account. The site will still function and your affiliate links will still work. You will be unable to get product updates, plugin updates and access to new features.
Is there a trial version?